*Testimonials obtained from students who have completed the entire 17 lesson curriculum

“The changes I have since we began was that I feel more controllable with my life, I feel better, I am not getting constant headaches and stomach aches, and I just feel revived.” ~ Cassie

“It’s such a privilege to know all the awesome stuff I learned this year with Project Million. Hopefully one day America will become a healthier environment.” ~ Zane

“I hope Project Million moves on to changing the country’s and people’s ideas about what to eat, and what you shouldn’t.” ~ Lena

“Since Project Million my family has changed the way we eat and more importantly the way we look at what we eat. For example we have changed our choices in food and we go to the gym twice a week. After Project Million I will continue to do stuff that helps me and not hurts me. I will do so because this generation is the new way to change our bad habits and be better. During this program I have learned plenty of skills and concepts to help me be happier and healthier. For example I have learned to read food labels. Funny enough every time I am at the grocery store I automatically check the labels. It comes naturally. In the future I want to use this new knowledge I have to be a role model to eat and be healthy. I want to change the world in the way that Americans today eat. “ ~ Keila

“In the beginning of Project Million I thought it wouldn’t be that fun. Now that we are done with it my thoughts have changed. Project Million was actually really fun and exciting. One of the lessons that changed my mind is the soda lesson. Ever since then I haven’t drank any soda… and it makes me feel really healthy” ~ Teegan

 “This project also told me to think to myself, “Will this help me or hurt me?” I will try to always pick “help me” over “hurt me” for sure. Project million taught me more than I could ever known!” ~ Alec 

“I would go and get a snack and then I’d think of Project Million and stop myself from making that poor health choice.”

“Without Project Million I would still be my old self, eating all of the bad food items for example chips or hamburgers. I would want stuff I see in junk food advertisements and I wouldn’t be able to control myself… Now I know what I am eating by looking at the nutrition facts.” ~ Ivana

“Then after you guys came I totally changed the way I was and now I am eating healthier. Ever since you guys came I used to eat junk food and now my life is changed and I know I am eating healthy and my life is in good shape because you guys helped me get there.” 

“I have changed the way I eat. I eat healthier and I have told my family everything I have learned. Yes, I will continue to make the choice that will help me because, I have been feeling better in the mornings and have been getting more sleep and more energy. I have learned that a healthy body works towards longer life. I can use what I have learned in the future by teaching my brother about what happens to your body. I can also tell it to my whole family.” ~ Sandra

“Confidence was my key to get me up and at ‘em that got me more friends and got me better at basketball. It just made me feel amazing since our class has started Project Million.”

“Overall, after participating in the Project Million program, I have been educated and am ready and confident to start my new lifestyle… But most of all, I wish for you to join me on this adventure to change the world!” ~Cameron 

“When I was eating junk food I had missed many days of school because I had become more ill and sick. But when I started Project Million I ate more healthy and didn’t miss school a lot.” ~ Arthur 

“I have stopped eating dessert. Why, because I was overweight so I decided to stop eating ice cream and I lost 10 pounds for the last 2 months I have not eaten ice cream… But I can control my health now so after school I have an apple or a glass of water.” ~ Chris

“Our family did that kitchen makeover and now it is all neat and full of healthy foods.” ~ Sean

“I have made lots of changes since I began Project Million. My pantry has a lot more room in it now because my mom and I took out almost all of the junk food… I now have 6 fruits that I can easily grab, cut, and eat. I now pack two apples for lunch everyday.” ~ Nikita 

“I honestly think Project Million helped me improve my life. Ever since I started Project Million I only had 1 soda and that was a can… I went grocery shopping with my dad so I could get healthier options.” ~ Kamy 

“I feel that America will stay as it is. That’s why I would try to open a food join that only serves healthy food. That will help spread the word about healthy eating and help lives.” ~ John 

Just knowing that other people in this world look up to me for being healthy even though I’m just a kid. Now, after reading this lesson, and all of the other lessons, we, us kids, can change this world forever by just taking what Project Million taught us. We can make a difference even if we are kids.” ~ Ivana 

 “I have not drank any soda for at least 2 months and I feel much happier than I did before.” ~ Treston

 “I have made a lot of changes because of project million. One of them is that instead of eating a dessert, I just  eat apples. Also, I always check the ingredients list to make sure I’m not in-taking too many bad foods.” ~  Sarah 

 “I have exercised more, and eaten healthier. This program has had a big effect in my life.” ~ Emily 

 “I have learned to take your health seriously and have responsibility for your health” 

 “I can tell kids and my parents about my experience with this amazing program. I can help many others with  health situations” ~ Andrew

 “I am way healthier than I was before.” ~ Jason

 “Since Project Million, I have made changes in how I eat and what I eat. It has now become a habit to look at  the back of an item and read the ingredients in that product.”

“I've learned so much I can't fit it here but The thing I've learned out of all of it is that it is better to be healthy than sick and the way to do that is to eat fruit and veggies and eat a good balance of nutrients and micro and macro nutrient foods.” ~ Jose

“I have made a lot of changes during project million. some are I eat more healthy, I go on a hike with my mom every Wednesday”

“I am not scronie anymore I have healthy weight on me and I look great.” ~ Ronnie

“Some changes I have made during this Project million period are eating more micronutrient foods such as salads and more fruits and vegtebels. I will continue to make these choices by keep on eating these foods to keep me healthy.” 

“I have been eating healthier in so many ways. So I owe project Million a lot!”

“I have learned a lot during this but one thing that has stuck with me is that you need to eat 100% real foods.”

“It has helped me an enormous amount: I have cut down on drinking soda, staying away from processed meat, and to read the labels on the back of boxes and cans so I don’t eat something that I don’t want to eat. I will continue to make better choices with whatever I eat, along with making sure others, including family and friends, do the same.”

“I have made many changes since I started. I look at the labels of the foods I eat and ask myself if this is going to help or hurt me.”

“I will pass it on to my kids in the future and try to make the world healthier. I loved this program and seeing how unhealthy I was eating before."

“I have started choosing healthier options, and watching what I eat. It has really made an impact on my mood, energy, and more.”

“I definitely will continue to make healthy choices because they give me a better life all together. There are absolutely no negatives about eating healthy and doing the right thing, so why not?”

“I’m so grateful that I’m very aware of the unhealthy options around me, because it really helps live the best way I can.”

“Since we began the Project Million program, I have begun to make many changes in my life, such as reading nutrition labels, exercising more, informing others how to have a healthy lifestyle, and a few more things.”

“I think that this program informed us with information we really need to know, and everyone should learn this so they have the choice to be happy.”

“One of the changes I’ve made (not only) is drinking less sweet drinks. Well I don’t mean to startle you, but I want to continue making the right choices for the better of my health. :) ”

“I have made a couple changes like when I get home from school I am usually really hungry. So I get something to eat I used to get chips and cookies but now I make healthier choices and eat fruits and granola bars.”

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