Our primary curriculum is entitled "Taking Back Control" which is intended for students during their last year of elementary school (4th-8th grade) 

Due to our community partnerships, Project Million has been able to become the most inclusive and effective health education program ever developed. We focus on three primary pillars in which a child must build from in order to take complete control of their health both now, and for the rest of their life. Those are; access to healthy foods, physical education, and health education (as pictured below).  In addition, our program has a 4th significant focus. This is the foundation that must first be established before any true advancement takes place. It is this focus that makes Project Million both unique and successful.

That foundation is “Excitement for Health.” This is what we specialize in at Project Million. Like you and I, a child is not going to make any positive changes in their life unless they first make the decision to do so.


For example: think of a time where someone gave you advice without you ever asking for it? Maybe it was a person telling you how to eat, how to live, or how to run your business.  More often than not, this approach is frustrating and creates tension between the two parties. The same psychological process is present in a child. Forcing a child to run on the track team is much different than a child who enjoys running and enjoys this type of competition. In only one of those scenarios will a child continue to run after track season has completed. 

With Project Million we force nothing on the child, and we consistently inform the children that they don't even have to abide by anything we suggest. Yet, virtually every child makes positive choices and in turn, see positive results after going through the program. We know exactly what to teach and exactly how to present the information to where a child WANTS to make the choice that will better their life. Our students become excited about making the right choice because they are first able to see how their decisions can impact their life both now, and in the future. 

Note: This is also what causes a child to continue with the healthy habits for life. When a child makes this decision on their own then they are much more likely to follow through with that decision long after the excitement of the moment has passed. 


After the foundation is laid we then begin building on the three pillars of health. These pillars also represent categories that other health programs have utilized in the past. However, no other program has fully grasped the potential that comes from combining all pillars simultaneously. Some only focus on providing access to healthy food, some focus only on physical activity, and some simply provide health information. At Project Million we have our workbook (health education), physical activity lessons and challenges in our school vs. school competitions (physical ed), and due to our partnership with Sprouts, we are able to provide both children and their families with easier access to healthier foods.

Today, this method of educating children on health is no longer a theory. It is a proven strategy that produces extraordinary results in the lives of children and their families. Our children now have the ability to reverse the current health trends that impact society. These children will have greater control over their health, their emotions, and their financial future. They will write the rules for their generation and will not accept anything less!


We simply have to give them the choice!

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