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*It’s all about excitement

Our kids are exposed to countless hours of advertising for junk food

We tend to feed children unhealthy foods as a way to make them happy when they are sad

We often eat junk food when we are celebrating

Well tell children that if they don't eat their vegetables (sacrifice) then they don't get dessert (reward)  



What does all this have in common? -- They all represents positive emotion around unhealthy foods. 

Unfortunately, we rarely place the excitement back in the opposite (healthy) direction. The problem with this, as we all know, is that what we eat is primarily based on emotion, not logic. This is especially true for the younger generation who doesn't have good or bad habits established.  

This is where Limitless Youth comes in. Limitless Youth and our school program, Project Million, are designed to help push the excitement back in the healthy direction. Our approach isn't just effective, but it's also very easy on both you and the child. --  For example, if you're simply telling a child what he or she should eat then you're likely going to end up battling the child at every meal. However, if your only focus is on getting a child excited about health, then you'll find yourself actually working with the child towards this common objective (being health).

Our goal is to teach you (a school or parent) how to get a child excited...

Remember, at a child's age they simply have a lifestyle, not the 'habits' that you and I have as adults. They can make changes much quicker and easier than we can.  We simply have to give them the opportunity to do so! You be their guide, and let them be your will-power. - Together you will become an unstoppable team!

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