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Helping Schools, Parents, & Families

Raise Healthier Children!



Our Project Million program gives schools everything they need to improve the health of their students. It's easy to implement and is the most effective program available to date.

Never let money stand in your way. We'll never turn an interested school away, regardless of finances.



It's not about learning what to feed a child. It's rather learning how to get a child excited about being healthy. Do that and they'll never fight you on eating their vegetables again. Luckily, this process is easier than forcing a child to eat the right foods, and it's far more effective! 



“In the beginning of Project Million I thought it wouldn’t be that fun. Now that we are done with it my thoughts have changed. Project Million was actually really fun and exciting. One of the lessons that changed my mind is the soda lesson. Ever since then I haven’t drank any soda… and it makes me feel really healthy” ~ Teegan



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